Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles founded Singapore in 1819 and the island at the southern tip of Asia quickly became a thriving free port, a trading post, a veritable hub along the eastern shipping lanes. Tea, coffee and cotton, sugar, pepper, nutmeg and cloves as well as gold were exchanged here. Fleets from China, today's Thailand and the Indonesian islands called at Singapore - they looked like department stores and brought chests full of tea that was soon on tables all over Europe. Singapore had established itself as the gateway to global trade.

With the founding of the Chamber of Commerce in 1837, the tea trade was recognised. An important date for TWG (“The Wellness Group”) because it officially began Singapore's dominance as a trading hub in the Far East, as the port of call for famous sailing ships laden with the most precious teas.Taha Bouqdib was already one of the most renowned tea connoisseurs of our time when he and Manoj Murjani inherited Singapore in 2008 and founded TWG to trade the finest teas from around the world. Today the range of the Singapore-based company consists of over eight hundred different harvests and varieties from all 36 countries in which tea is grown.

In order to meet the demands and tastes of its customers, TWG is always looking for new varieties. The house offers exquisite blends to match the seasons, and fine special editions expand the range several times a year. Because TWG has the best relationships with the producers and sources its teas from the most famous plantations in the world, from Burma to China and India to Sri Lanka and Mozambique, it always meets the highest quality standards. TWG Tea brings together the Asian traditions of elegance and beauty... spiced with a touch of sensuality.