RIKYU Matcha Bowl


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The Rikyu Matcha Bowl is handmade by a renowned Kyoto potter according to methods dating back to the 16th century. Made of black Maguro stone from the Kamo River, this bowl brings out the beautiful intensity and colour of fine Matcha tea infusions. Traditionally used for the Japanese tea ceremony, each piece is unique and hand stamped for authenticity. To look after your TWG Tea Rikyu Matcha Bowl, dip it in warm water for 1 minute before use. Avoid pouring boiling water directly into the bowl and always hand wash it without using a detergent or harsh sponge. Finally, dry it completely after use. A Chashaku Bamboo Tea Scoop and Chasen Bamboo Whisk are also available in this collection, indispensable to the traditional preparation of Matcha tea.

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